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Chimney Sweepings in Southwestern Ontario

Why You Should Get Your Chimney Swept

Regular chimney sweeping is vital maintenance for wood stoves and fireplaces. As you burn material, residue builds up over time. This residue can become a hazard if it builds up too much without cleaning. It can ignite or it can block your chimney, meaning the fumes have nowhere else to go but into your home. 


Chimney Sweeping Services

To prevent costly problems from occurring have your chimney and wood-burning appliance examined by a qualified specialist as a regular part of your home maintenance. 


When it comes to chimney sweeping, we have decades of experience and are able to address any cleaning issues that arise. We employ a team of technicians to come to your house and sweep your chimney. A typical chimney sweeping can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. We will do a visual inspection, both on the inside and outside of your chimney, and highlight anything that we see as needing attention. 

The Process of Our Sweeping Service

To prepare for the sweep, blankets will be placed on the floor in front of the wood-burning appliance and we will move or cover any furniture that could potentially get dirty or broken. All cleaning equipment is placed on our blankets. We use a vacuum during this process and our technicians take care to complete their job and to keep your home clean and soot-free. 


We clean from the top down, the bottom up or a combination of the two. If the roof is accessible, we prefer to sweep the chimney from the roof down. We have a wide variety of sweeping systems and use what is appropriate for each situation, depending on the type of chimney and creosote buildup or blockage. When on the roof, the technicians will examine the chimney, take pictures if necessary, and evaluate any issues seen, and let you know the situation and possible resolution.

All ash and debris are removed from your home and taken with us or disposed of onsite if you have a disposal spot for ashes.

Throughout the visit we answer questions you may have.

Call us today or fill up a form for more information about our sweeping service in your area.

Keep Your Chimneys Clean

The Chimney Sweepers are the go-to source for Chimney Sweeping in Southwestern Ontario.

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