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What is a WETT Inspection?

A Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) inspection consists of a thorough inspection of your wood-burning appliances by a certified WETT technician. A WETT-certified technician is trained in local code compliance standards and can identify places where the appliances do not meet those standards. This is the only way to know for sure that your wood-burning appliance is in good enough shape to use safely. Paris Stove Works and the Chimney Sweepers provides WETT inspections for homes in the southwestern Ontario region. 


Why You Should Get a WETT Inspection

If you are considering buying a house with a wood-burning appliance, such as a fireplace or wood stove, it is in your best interests to have a WETT inspector come in to ensure the device is safe to use. There are many unsafe units out there and it could result in your house burning down! Additionally, most insurance companies will ask for a WETT inspection on any wood-burning unit.


To learn more about an inspection or to schedule one, complete the information form or call us today.

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Certified WETT Inspections in Southwestern Ontario

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