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We offer a unique service of breathing life back into your old wood-burning appliance. Sometimes replacement isn’t always in the budget, so we suggest you consider having Paris Stove Works recondition your old unit.  
The first step is to assess the unit and ensure there isn’t any permanent structural damage prohibiting the option of refurbishing. An inspection will be conducted at your home by one of our technicians for a nominal fee. Once deemed structurally sound we will remove your unit back to our shop in Paris and begin the process. Back at our location we strip out all removable components and inspect for damage. If parts are damaged, we will build a list of what will be required to be replaced.  

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Pricing for This Service

The cost to remove, refurbish, and replace back in your home will be quoted prior to the removal of the unit from your home. The additional cost to replace damaged components will be provided once they have been identified and priced from suppliers.


Why not consider having your wood-burning appliance reconditioned by Paris Stove Works today and have one of our technicians give it an inspection? Call us today. 

Keep the Home Fires Burning

Paris Stove Works & The Chimney Sweepers is the go to wood burning company in Southwestern Ontario.


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Refurbish Rather Than Replace

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