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For those that prefer the added flavour of wood smoke, pellet smokers are the way to go. They also allow you to cook with fire without needing to manage a real fire. Paris Stove Works and the Chimney Sweepers is the best place for wood pellet smokers and firepits in the Kitchener region.

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What advantages do pellet smokers offer? The main ones are:

  • They are quick and easy to fire up

  • You can easily maintain a constant and steady temperature

  • You can use different wood pellets to create different flavours

All-in-all, a pellet smoker is a great way to add flavour to food that can also provide you a way to sear it if you need to. If you’re interested in going with a high-quality pellet smoker, please give us a call today and visit our showroom. 

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Paris Stove Works & The Chimney Sweepers is the go to wood burning company in Southwestern Ontario.

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